No suggestions on improving service, the process went smoothly. Mike even communicated directly with the vet in the UK to let them know what was required for the relocation from UK to USA. Did not answer to questions as we did not have any interaction with the delivery pet chauffeur or your pet boarding facility. Thank you for your handling our Sadie with care. Your services were outstanding throughout and I cannot express how grateful we are in how this move was handled by your team.
Sadie's owner Tom
Moved from London to New York
I rescued Nina 11 years ago and have felt I was the only one who could care for her and keep her safe, so the thought of putting her in the hands of strangers to send her off overseas was unimaginable. Your service put me at ease and took care of her like I would have. Someday I'd love to meet Evelyn and the folks who collected her in the UK and USA and give them all huge hugs!
Nina's owner Diane
Moved from Boston to London
We just wanted to thank everyone who was involved in moving Skye from the UK to her final destination in Cleveland. Skye arrived just as she left us and it was a very positive experience all round. We are now very settled in our new home and Skye is getting used to all the new sights and sounds. Without a doubt we would recommend your services. Amazing!!
Skye's owner Mary
Moved from Derby to Cleveland
Jake is doing great and we were very satisfied with the whole relocation process which has run very smoothly. I will at my earliest opportunity take the time, most likely in the weekend to fill the survey with our feedback re your service. In any case, I would like to say big thanks for your professionalism throughout the process. We stayed in downtown Cleveland for a few days before moving into our new home and she certainly got a lot of attention. It was a great way of getting to chat to all the locals.
Jake's owner Mariela
Moved from Copenhagen to London
Millie seems to have enjoyed I trip and looked extremely well when she arrived home. All the staff involved took excellent care of her and we are very grateful it is always very stressful especially when they are nearly 12 years old!
Millie's owner Janet
Moved from Thailand to Spain

Relocation Consultants

Thank you so much for going the extra mike help here!
You are awesome!!
Relocation Consultant in Hong Kong
Thank you for your hard work on this move, it went perfectly.
Have a great day.
Relocation Consultant in London
All in all GPR did a fantastic job from A-Z in relocating Ezy to Germany. Honestly, there is nothing to highlight for improvement. All team members always acted very professional and responsive.
Relocation Consultant in Frankfurt