What We Offer

Global Service Delivery

“We can’t help there” isn’t in our vocabulary. It doesn’t matter if your pet is moving from London to New York or Mozambique to Mongolia. Our network of pet transporters is global. There aren’t many places left that we haven’t sent pets to.

Global Pet Delivery

Air Transport

Airport Pet Delivery

Most of our pets fly on commercial airlines downstairs in the part of the cargo hold we like to call the “Pet Cabin”. Pets journeys are remarkably similar to our own. They head to check-in, go through paperwork and security then are normally the last “passengers” on board. On arrival they are whisked off the plane and head through more security and document checking before being released to one of our friendly drivers for a very happy reunion at your new home.

Road Transport

We are very happy to offer pet travel by road. Many moves we do in the USA or intra-Europe can be completed in a day or two. This lets us also take more luggage for the pets than we would do when flying and your pet will have the company of one of our pet-loving chauffeurs.

Dog on the road traveling

Excess Baggage Assistance

Excess Pet Baggage

In cases where you, the owner, want to make sure you are on board and in control of your pet’s move then we would be happy to help. Pet relocation can be more than just going to the airport and getting on a plane. Our pet relocation specialists would be happy to help organise import and export paperwork. Review vaccinations and other pet documents with you and your vet and provide assistance at origin and destination airports. No matter how involved you want to be, we can find a solution for you and your pet.

Accompanied Pet Program

On certain routes and certain times of the year we can have one of our staff members travel with your pet as excess baggage or take them in the cabin. Certain rules about size and weight may apply but be sure to ask your pet relocation consultant if this would be an option for your loved one.


Types of Pets We Transport


If you have a domestic pet, we’d love to relocate them! Over the years we have done everything from Labradors and Russian Blues to Leopard Geckos and thoroughbred horses. Big or small we can ship them all!

Complimentary Services

Global Pet Relocation offers an unparalleled level of additional, free, high value services when you move a pet with us. Click here to find out more about these services