Why Choose Us

Pet Safety and a Proven Track Record

Pet Safety and a Proven Track Record
    • Our team have over 100 years of pet relocation experience.
    • Air travel for pets is incredibly safe and everything we do is geared towards ensuring this safety level is maintained or exceeded.
    • The team at Global Pet Relocation have shipped tens of thousands of pets over the years.
    • We also have one of the only Global Mobility Specialist® pet relocation professional in the world who helps tailor our approach to relocation professionals and the challenges of global mobility.

Unparalleled Communication

    • You will be fully informed before during and after the move of your furry loved one. We aim to fit their move around your own hectic schedule. We never want you to be in the dark about the plans and we are happy to communicate in whatever way suits you.
    • During your pet’s actual move you will know where they are, who is looking after them and when your happy reunion will take place. There is no such thing as too much information when dealing with such precious cargo.
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Our Global Network of Agents

Global Network
    • We offer a fully inclusive door-to-door service for you and your pet. This means wherever in the world you are, we will be able to assist with relocating your pet. Over the years, our team have developed relationships across the pet shipping world to find the best pet shipping agents globally. We call this our preferred partner network and it means even in the most far reaching places we will find someone to help.
    • Most of our preferred partners are part of the IPATA (International Pet Animal Transport Association) and they are dedicated to safe and humane travel for pets.

Complimentary Services

    • The Pet Protection Plan covers pets if they are ill during transit, need emergency medical intervention or need to be repatriated quickly. Moving home and having to organise emergency vet treatment can be stressful and costly, our Pet Protection Plan helps minimise these worries.
    • Global Pet Register is our solution to when expat pets decide to go exploring without telling mom and dad! Cat’s love hiding before a move (when they start seeing boxes) and dogs love sightseeing the new neighbourhood. Global Pet Register membership means your pets will have a high tech collar tag with NFC and QR Code linked to your unique membership area. You can put multiple contacts on your account so even if you are unavailable if your pet is lost, then found, we can help reunite you in no time.
    • Complimentary Grooming; Global Pet Relocation invites all clients to have their pet(s) groomed within 10 days of their pet’s arrival at their new home. This gives both owners and pets an opportunity to scout out the local pet facilities and make some new furry friends whilst getting their nails done! Global Pet Relocation will cover up to USD$55.00 per pet. All you will need to do is send us through a copy of your receipt.
    • Collar and Lead Cover Don’t you just hate it when airlines misplace your luggage? Well pets feel just the same if their favourite collar or lead disappears somewhere at 30,000 feet! Airlines will normally ask for collars and leads to be taken off prior to pets going inside the sky kennels for their flight. Global Pet Relocation can’t guarantee they won’t be lost along the way but we can guarantee that if your pet arrives without their collar or lead it will be replaced! Global Pet Relocation will cover up to $75.00 per pet for replacement collar and/or lead or harness.
    • Pre and Post Urgent Pet Supplies – P.U.P.S.
      With P.U.P.S Global Pet Relocation has you covered! In the heat of an international move it is easy for some things to be accidentally packed up or left behind. PUPS covers up to $95.00 for emergency supplies of pet food, bowls, cat litter or anything else that a pet needs in the days leading up to or the days immediately after their trip if those items have been packed accidentally or lost along the way. Simply send us copies of receipts within 10 days pre or post move and we will reimburse you.

Free Guides to Importing and Living in Countries

    • Our service doesn’t just start when we pick your pet up, nor does it end when we drop them off for your happy reunion. We make sure you are fully informed as to how we need to prepare your pet for travel with our bespoke country profiles.
    • We also then provide guides to living in your new home with your pet that covers insurance, safety advice and insurance. All of which are crucial for settling in to your new home
Pet Transport Guides

Veterinary Support

Pet Transportation Vets
    • Vets are great at looking after our pets at home and for 99% of people they do an amazing job. When it comes to paperwork and international pet travel however we often find that owners haven’t been given either exactly the right information or their pet’s paperwork isn’t in exactly the right format. Our team of experts review every bit of documentation we receive carefully and we know exactly what will cause issues for pet travel.
    • We can work with you and your vet to make sure there are no hiccups when it comes to the paperwork.