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Bespoke pet travel to any destination worldwide

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More than 14,000 pets and owners reunited

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Expert pet transport services worldwide

As a leading pet shipping company, Global Pet Relocation is the first choice for owners seeking expert care that offers peace of mind throughout your pet’s move. With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, we ensure the safe and comfortable travel of dogs, cats and many other animals around the world. Global Pet Relocation's unwavering commitment to pets' well-being makes us the trusted partner for those seeking reliable and caring assistance in moving your beloved furry family member to and from anywhere in the world. Use our quote calculator for an estimate of your pet’s move.

What we do

Our premium door-to-door service takes care of every detail with custom travel plans organised by your dedicated pet relocation consultant. Handling every step of your pet’s move from vaccinations and flight bookings to arrival at your new home, our experts offer flexible arrangements that reduce the stress of arranging a cross-country or international move.

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Air Transport

Pets can travel comfortably and safely both in-cabin or in the hold of commercial flights. We can also arrange travel by private jet where preferred.

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Road Transport

Journeys by road are an excellent option for shorter trips or for animals not suited to air travel. Our trusted partner drivers stop regularly for breaks to allow pets to stretch their legs.

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Excess Baggage Assistance

With our optional lighter touch service, we can make all the arrangements for you to travel with your pet as excess baggage, available on some airlines and routings.

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Accompanied Pet Program

If your plans mean you’re unable to travel with your pet, we can offer an experienced professional to accompany them through the airport and in-cabin during the flight.

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Door-to-Door Global Delivery

Our service includes pick up from your door and delivery to your new home, with all documentation, vet checks, boarding and travel seamlessly organised to over 175 destinations worldwide.

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Corporate Relocation

We are the trusted pet transport provider for prestigious commercial clients and relocation companies, reducing the stress of pet shipping during an assignee’s international move.

Who we are

With over 100 years of collective experience, we've solidified our position as the premier authority on worldwide pet transport. Our expert team, made up of pet owners and animal lovers, have a steadfast commitment to the well-being of pets and their owners at every step. Find out more about our company and the incredible people who ensure a seamless, stress-free journey for your furry family members.

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What our clients say:

Lora M

Review image by Lora M

"The whole team was great!"

Evelyn was responsive and helpful all the way through the process. The delivery agent, Valerie was very kind as well. The whole team was great!

Daniel Turner

Review image by Daniel Turner

"Wonderful to work with"

The team were all absolutely amazing and wonderful to work with. They all responded quickly and made us believe that Tucker was their only and first client. They provided a ton of genuine love for him. Thank you very much for everything!

Alice Ward

Review image by Alice Ward

“Professional and caring”

"The entire process of shipping Flake from Switzerland to the US was managed in a very professional and caring way. Thank you Global Pet Relocation, you were all great!"
Rated Excellent: 4.9 | 163
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Frequently asked questions

 Find answers to the most common questions we’re asked about pet shipping and the services we offer.

Air travel is exceptionally safe for pets that are healthy and deemed by their veterinarian to be fit-to-fly. Data from the U.S Department of Transportation shows that of the 256,114 pets transported on US airlines in 2021, there were sadly 21 deaths and injuries. While ultimately every death is a tragedy, these figures represent an extremely low incident risk of less than 1 in 10,000 animals. Engaging an experienced pet transport company can provide valuable guidance and peace of mind. Having safely transported over 14,000 pets, Global Pet Relocation can advise on ways to maximise safety for your pets based on their age, breed and health conditions.
While some small pets can fly in the passenger cabin, the majority travel as manifest cargo, in the hold of the plane due to airline rules. Although this terminology conjures up images of treating them as luggage, this is not the case. Every pet flies in a temperature controlled, oxygenated and pressurized environment, just like in the passenger cabin. Before and after the flight, pets are kept in a specialist secure area of the airport, designed specifically for handling pets and animals, such as the Animal Reception Centre at London Heathrow Airport. Airlines are bound by the International Air Transport Association’s to follow the international standards set in the Live Animals Regulations. Their objective is to ensure all animals are carried safely and humanely by air. These regulations include up-to-date airline and government rules about the transport of live animals, requirements on handling, marking & labelling, information on the necessary documentation needed when transporting live animals, and comprehensive classification of thousands of animal species along with the container specifications required for their transport. Some airlines will allow certain pets to travel in the passenger cabin, but rules vary widely between airlines and destinations.
Certainly. At Global Pet Relocation, we understand that being separated from your pet can be stressful, and being regularly updated on their journey offers peace of mind. With our innovative Trip Tracker, you’ll receive immediate updates at key milestones including check-in, departure, arrival, and delivery, regardless of your time zone. We also use WhatsApp and email to keep you informed before, during and after your pet’s trip. Your pet's well-being and your peace of mind are our top priorities.
Pet air transport is generally divided into travelling in-cabin or in the hold of the aircraft. On certain routes and airlines, animals can travel in-cabin with their owners or a member of our team. These are usually restricted to small dogs and cats able to travel in a carrier which fits underneath the seat in front.  Assistance animals may also accompany their owner in-cabin. Airlines are increasingly restricting in-cabin animals to registered and trained service dogs only, such as guide dogs (seeing eye dogs). You will be required to have medical evidence and/or demonstrate that your pet provides trained assistance for a specific task related to your health condition or disability. The stricter rules now in place in the United States mean that pets that could previously accompany owners as emotional support animals are no longer allowed in-cabin. As a leading pet moving service, we use trusted airlines and airports that have an exceptional safety record in handling pets that need to travel in the hold of the aircraft. We will always advise you of the best and safest options for your pet.
For international pet transport, the timing involved in planning your pet's relocation depends on the destination. We generally require at least 30 days’ notice to arrange your pet’s travel plans, due to the availability of flights and vaccination and health requirements. For some countries such as Australia and New Zealand, the wait time can be extensive, so it’s best to plan your pet's move at least 6 to 7 months out. For other countries or when moving domestically, the wait time can be less than one month. Ideally, reach out to us as early as possible, even if you don’t have exact travel dates. Our pet relocation consultants can advise you of the import requirements and time involved with fulfilling them.
When your travel plans align, we'll make every effort to coordinate your pet's transport with your departure and arrival times either delivered to your new home on the same day or within 24 hours of your arrival. Most of our clients travel on the same day as their pet, but we frequently support those who may be separated for days, weeks or even months from their pet. If your pet will be joining you at a later date, we offer hand-picked boarding facilities at either the origin or destination to ensure their comfort and care. Alternatively, we also can assist family or friends remaining in the country to take care of all aspects your pet’s travel, including picking up your pet from their doorstep, and arranging vaccinations and vet visits before travel.
The cost of pet shipping can vary significantly based on several factors, including your departure point and destination, your pet’s size and weight, and the services provided by different pet transport companies.  It's essential to request a personalised quote from reputable pet transport companies that take into account your specific needs and the unique circumstances of your pet's relocation. It’s also important to understand what services are included in the quote. This ensures that you receive an accurate estimate tailored to your situation and can make an informed decision while considering both your budget and your pet's safety and comfort. At Global Pet Relocation, we offer a complete door-to-door service, taking care of every aspect of your pet’s move – before, during and after their trip. For an estimated cost based on the details of your pet’s move, try out smart relocation cost calculator.
For an idea of costs, try out our smart pet relocation cost calculator which will give you an estimate based on your pets, location, and destination. If you’d like to proceed with a detailed quote, the calculator will give you the option to save and submit your information to us. We respond to all requests within 24 hours. While our cost calculator offers an approximate cost, final amounts are dependent on the breed of your pet, whether you’re located near a major airport, and fluctuating airfares. If you are a relocation, HR or mobility professional, we would be delighted to discuss our corporate relocation offering. For further information, please see our Corporate Relocation page.
Our expert team will be able to advise you on the specific requirements of your destination country well in advance of your travel date. As these regulations change regularly it’s important not to rely on information found online.  At a minimum, your pet will require a microchip and up-to-date vaccinations. For those travelling by air, they will need to be certified as fit-to-fly by a local vet, to ensure that their health is not at risk during travel. Every year we assist hundreds of owners whose pets are elderly and/or have pre-existing health conditions to safely transport their pets around the world. As pet safety and comfort is paramount, we will also advise if we believe it would not be in an animal’s best interests to travel. 
Your pet’s journey with Global Pet Relocation begins with an introduction to your dedicated pet relocation consultant who will be your point of contact throughout the move. They will determine your requirements and discuss the best options for your pet’s transport using their expert knowledge on routings, airlines, and quarantine requirements. Ahead of your pet’s move our team will arrange any required vaccinations and vet visits and apply for relevant documentation and permits from government agencies. Next, they will book flights, boarding facilities (if needed) and drivers to collect your pet from your home and take them to the airport. The driver will then check them in at the airport and ensure they are safely escorted to the pet lounge, where your pet can relax before their flight. If your pet is being driven to their destination, the driver will provide regular updates and offer frequent rest stops for your pet’s comfort. Pets travelling by air will be checked over by a vet before departure and are last to board the aircraft. Upon landing at the airport, your pet will disembark first and be taken to another pet lounge to be met by another driver. We’ll keep you updated at every point with their location and, where possible, photos of their trip. Finally, the driver will escort your pet to your new home, reuniting the whole family.